REFUND AND RETURN POLICY. Changes and / or returns are accepted within a period of up to 7 calendar days from the date of purchase; After this period, no changes or returns will be made. It is essential to present the printed or electronic purchase receipt to validate the change and / or return. Changes and / or returns may only be accepted at the store where the purchase was made. The product to be exchanged and / or returned must be in optimal conditions, keeping labels, boxes and wraps; it should not have been used either. Returns, both in cash and by card, will be made for the cost of the product (s) to be returned; regardless of whether they have a different price at the point of sale when requesting their return. Changes and / or returns will not be valid when the product or merchandise has been purchased at a discount, promotion or on sale, is worn and / or with evidence of use or in the event that it appears damaged or altered intentionally or by accident.

CHANGES. For an equal product; as long as store inventory allows. A different product but of the same value. For a product with a higher price, where the customer can settle the missing amount in cash.

RETURNS. Returns will be made using the original form of payment. A different product but of the same value. Cash refund. The refund of the amount paid can be made in the store where the purchase was made; as long as it has sufficient funds to deliver the cash. If not, a second visit will be requested to deliver the value of the product paid. Return by credit / debit card. The refund of the amount paid will be made directly to the card on which the purchase was made; within approximately 60 calendar days. Official identification will be requested for this type of returns.

ONLINE SHOPPING. Special conditions apply in guarantee and service policies related to the different parcel and / or courier operators contracted for the delivery service.

WARRANTY FOR VICES AND / OR FACTORY DEFECTS. To make the guarantee valid, you have 15 days from the date of purchase; which may be required for defects or defects in the products provided that they have not been used or that the defects are attributable to the consumer. Factory defects and / or defects shall be understood as: Detachment of any of the components of the product. Ripping of any of its components. Material or product element defect. Some of its elements do not work. For the purposes of validating the guarantee, the provisions of the “UM Exchange and Return Policy” will apply; insofar as it does not conflict with this Warranty Policy.

FEDERAL LAW FOR PROTECTION OF THE CONSUMER. ARTICLE 92. When the refund of the amount paid is applied, it will be made using the same form of payment with which the purchase was made, and may be made by a different form of payment if the consumer accepts it at the time the refund is made. ARTICLE 93. The claim referred to in article 92 may be presented indistinctly to the seller, manufacturer or importer, at the consumer's choice, within two months from the date the product was received, provided that it had not been altered because of the consumer. The supplier must satisfy the claim within a period not to exceed fifteen days from the date of said claim. The seller, manufacturer or importer may refuse to satisfy the claim if it is out of time, when the product has been used under conditions other than those recommended or proper to its nature or destination or if it has suffered essential, irreparable and serious deterioration due to causes attributable to the consumer.